Credit Ratings

S&P Moody's Fitch Ratings
Certificate of Deposit -
Aa3 (OS)
Long-Term Ratings   
Short-Term Ratings   
  • Superior
    (P)MIG 1 (P)P-1 (P)VMIG 1 MIG 1 P-1 VMIG 1
  • Strong
    VMIG 2 P-2 MIG 2 (P)VMIG 2 (P)P-2 (P)MIG 2
  • Acceptable
    (P)MIG 3 (P)P-3 (P)VMIG 3 MIG 3 P-3 VMIG 3
  • Not Prime
    NP (P)NP
Financial Strength Ratings   
  • Exceptional Security
  • Excellent Security
    Aa1 Aa2 Aa3
  • Good Security
    A1 A2 A3
  • Adequate Security
    Baa1 Baa2 Baa3
  • Questionable Security
    Ba1 Ba2 Ba3
  • Poor Security
    B1 B2 B3
  • Very Poor Security
    Caa1 Caa2 Caa3
  • Extremely Poor Security
    Ca C
Issuer Ratings is Moody’s only. A security rating is not a recommendation to buy, sell or hold securities and should be evaluated independently of any other rating. The rating is subject to revision or withdrawal at any time by the assigning rating organization.